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Hot Foil Stamping - Retail


Glamour, Luxury, Elegance... Special

This prized printing method patented by Dr Ernest Oeser in
1892 allows you to create breathtaking designs that your guests
will want to keep forever.


Our foiling services are Trade Only.
This is because we are not a design house, we just print your beautiful designs. There is a bit of knowledge and skill required to produce artwork suitable for foiling so we suggest getting in contact with a professional designer to create your design.

If you are up to the challenge and are able to supply us press ready artwork as per our design guidelines, send us a request here (along with your artwork PDF and printing requirements). We will let you know if your artwork is suitable and quote the job up for you.

If you're a Graphic Designer or Corporate Business and want to know more about our specialist Trade Printing Services,
find out here.


The shiny, metallic finish is achieved first by making an acid etched magnesium die.†

The magnesium plate is then covered with a photosensitive layer. Your artwork is printed on film and using UV light is exposed onto the die plate. Once washed, the artwork is all thatís left. The plate is then put in an acid bath which etches away all the exposed areas, leaving your impression raised and ready to be used for foiling. It looks much like a rubber stamp, except out of metal.

Magnesium dies or blocks are usually the most expensive portion of a small run foiling job.†


We use the same machinery thatís been used for foiling for decades. Heidelberg platens or clam shell presses (the same machines used for letterpress), however with the addition of a hot foil attachment. The foil is pressed in between the magnesium block and the heated plate to your
substrate under enormous pressure, which releases the foil from the
carrier, leaving the foil behind on your artwork or design.


Sure - weíve got gold (385 Gold, 020 Gold, 420 Gold, 319 Matt Gold, 429 Matt Gold & Silver Gold). But we have colours too, including white pigment foil, which is amazing on black stock as it is opaque and therefore a perfect contrast.

Black foil on black matte stock is incredibly memorable and worth seeing, rose gold on navy stocks too, oh the possibilities...

† †