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Custom Envelope Printing - Front & Back

Custom Envelope Printing - Front & Back

Custom Envelope Printing - Front & Back

Custom Envelope Printing - Front & Back

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Download Envelope Printing Template Here

How to order your printed envelopes

Step 1: Put the envelopes you'd like printed into the shopping cart, the system navigates you back to the last item.
Step 3: Complete the drop-down selections (minimum order is 20 for digital products)
Step 4: Upload your artwork
Step 5: Proceed through the check out.

Envelope Artwork Requirements

  1. We only accept PDF files. However, if you're after a gazillion printed envelopes, it might be different. For a gazillion (or anything over 500) please get in contact with us so we can give you the best price and easiest method possible for the quantity.
  2. In whatever program you prefer, set your page size to the size of the envelope you're ordering i.e. 130x190mm.
  3. We need a 10mm (1cm) 'no go zone' all around the envelope - we are unable to print off the edge (bleed).
  4. If you have multiple names and addresses, set them up as one per page. i.e. if you have 50 names and addresses, your PDF should be 50 pages long.
  5. If you have trouble setting up your file, please research the help file of the particular program you're using.
  6. We are not responsible for quality issues due to poor quality artwork, however if we think your artwork just isn't up to scratch, we'll contact you so you can have the opportunity to re-submit it.
For a deeper explanation, view our ARTWORK GUIDELINES PDF

What about white ink printing on dark colours?

1. Your artwork should be in black only - everything will be printed in white
2. White printing works best on darker colours - if we think your selection just won't work, we'll contact you - promise!

Back flap printing

Think about the edges of the flaps. We still need to print 10mm away from the edges. Otherwise you can have anything you like.

Donít have any artwork? Donít panic!

Simply choose from one of our 8 standard designs for name and address printing and we will do the rest. All you need to do is fill out our spreadsheet template (accurately!) with your guest details and then we will print in your chosen style. Our designs allow for names and addresses on the front and a return address on the back if you like

Peterkin Standard Designs