As from Monday 18th May we'll begin Phase 2 of our state's 'coming out' of COVID-19 restrictions. It's getting busier and soon we'll go back to offering priority orders.
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DIY Invitation Pockets in Australia

We die cut our invitation pockets on our 1946 vintage Heidelberg T Platen and 1960 KSBA Cylinder 'the old fashioned way'. Our experts in the trade produce a superior paper product, made easy with our premium paper stocks.

Our Pockets and Shapes have:

* Deep creases for extra sharp pocket folds
* Gorgeous crisp edges
* Correct grain direction
* No 'burnt' edges often seen on laser cut stock
* Perfect size glue tabs at 15mm

All our pockets and shapes are made to order within 48 hours. You'll find the pricing varies, depending on the quantity as it takes the same time to set up no matter how long the 'run'. Therefore, the more we make, the cheaper they become.

All our pockets and die cuts arrive to you flat, ready to be assembled and glued. We recommend you Ďhard foldí using a bone scorer or back of a butter knife before gluing. This is to provide the least amount of resistance, as most glues suitable for this purpose are pressure sensitive. You may even want to place them under a weight for a while to be sure they donít pop open.

About Our Invitation Pockets

Peterkin Invitation Pockets are designed for announcements with additional information such as response sets, accommodation cards, maps, reception cards, CDís or photos.

The closing flap and pocket insert design match the iflap envelope range perfectly. As Crane Lettra is 100% cotton, it tends to crack and feather when it's scored, which is why we don't offer it in pockets and shapes. We just can't guarantee it'll look fabulous.