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Love Eco Grande Navy? Check out these new colours...

Posted by Jodie Peterkin on 4/1/2016 to New Products

Love Eco Grande Navy? Check out these new colours...

From the initial idea to actual launch of any new product can take several months with many steps & processes in between, so I'm always delighted to finally launch and move on to the next thing...

Introducing Eco Grande Mulberry, Mist Grey & Rouge:

Eco Grande is:

  • Imported directly from Japan
  • High quality premium matte paper stock
  • 40% Recycled
  • Rich, on-trend colour palette


MULBERRY - View all products

Remember the purple stains on your clothes, lips and fingers when you picked mulberries off the neighbourhood tree as a kid? Eco Grande Mulberry brings back memories of the dark, sweet fruit harvested and savoured on playful sunny days...

Although Mulberry 308gsm has been available since its initial launch, we've introduced the 120gsm and envelopes to compliment the range.


MIST GREY - View all products

Mist Grey is the perfect shade of grey. It's dark enough for white ink print, yet light enough for the cheaper option of black or coloured ink. Available in:

  • 308gsm Board/Card
  • 157gsm - perfect for menus and booklet covers
  • 120gsm Paper
  • C6 & 130x190mm (5x7) envelopes (120gsm)


ROUGE - View all products

  • A deliciously deep red, rouge replaces Eco Luxury Devil Red which has now been discontinued.
  • 308gsm Board/Card
  • 120gsm Paper
  • C6 & 130x190mm (5x7) envelopes (120gsm)


Swatch updates will be available soon -- we're preparing some other new papers to add to it first, but you can order samples in A4 & envelopes right now.


View the entire lineup of the Eco Grande range.

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 Love Eco Grande Navy? Check out these new colours...

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