Meet our Team

Meet our Team of Passionate Paper People...

We spend 30% of our lives the best bed you can afford.

We spend another 30% of our lives at work...get a job you're passionate about!

We employ people who WANT to work with us. Who are PASSIONATE in what they do every day...

...and we recognise everyone has a niche. Something they're really, really good at.

We strive to tap into that niche and make our people responsible for the areas of the business they can drive their passion and therefore shine!

'Cos your best asset is your people...and you're only as good as your people - so we put great importance on choosing them well.

(And WE have to spend 30% of OUR day with them, so they need to be nice with a good sense of humour - you've gotta spend some of your day laughing to keep the passion!)

We employ the best people to ensure you get the best product and experience possible at the best price possible.

Meet our talented team of passionate and creative people (with good senses of humour):