As from Monday 18th May we'll begin Phase 2 of our state's 'coming out' of COVID-19 restrictions. It's getting busier and soon we'll go back to offering priority orders.
Our Customer Service Team are back in the office every week day, so send in your quotes and queries and feel free to call for a chat! The Peterkin Team x

Specialist Printing

Perfect Digital Printing... 100% Guaranteed Wonderful!

You've spent ages designing or having a professional design your announcement. And now it's time to print...

You know your home printer is not going to do it justice -- the edges will look 'fuzzy' and the paper you'll have to print on is flimsy - not to mention the home cutting job you're dreading.

That's where we make your job easy. Our commercial presses can print on stock as heavy as 350gsm. Thick, luxurious, gorgeous - you'd be lucky to get your home printer to print on 200gsm...
The colours are rich, vibrant and saturated. Our cutting is crisp. Perfect. Done for you.

It arrives within days of uploading your files - anywhere in Australia, because everyone leaves their printing to the last minute...everybody. And 100% guaranteed wonderful. In the event of an error on our end, we'll fix it asap or refund you -- no questions asked.

We'll Print Your Files - but only if they're up to scratch

We're super-fussy. We have to be. After all, we're guaranteeing your unbelievable happiness!

That's why we sometimes have to tell you how it is.

We analyse every job that comes through. We take a look over every job before we print and if we see something that's not quite right, we'll let you know so you can go back to your designer (or our artwork guidelines) and fix it before going to print.

But sometimes we don't spot an error or an image quality issue or whatever. If the problem is with your file or artwork, we cannot be held responsible, but we'll definitely help you out on the reprint. Just contact our Customer Service Team and your reprint job will go to the priority queue with our Team member personally there to double-check and keep you up-to-date all the way.

Wholesale Printing - Trade Only