We’re still making envelopes, printing your designs and supplying your fine papers all whilst practising extreme social distancing due to the COVID-19 virus.
This means we’re running a roster of ONE person at a time in our warehouses and orders will be processed as first in, first out with despatch currently Wednesdays and Fridays.
Apologies, but we’re unable to accept priority orders and normal despatch times will be extended. We look forward to returning our operations to normal when all this is over.
Thanks for your understanding.

Our 130x130mm square envelope size is often used as a square greeting card envelope or an envelope for a slightly smaller square invitation. This is because you can usually (check with your Post Office) post it in Australia for the cost of a standard letter. Our envelopes are made in Australia right on our premises from premium papers, so there is no middle man and we have over 30 colours, paper finishes and seal flap styles in our 130x130mm envelope range, which is often referred to as a U.S. size 5x5 (inches).