Boston card and paper


Boston is our ‘go-to’ stock at Peterkin. The weighty 350gsm has a fabulous feel, weight and surface for all your designs. It’s an absolute premium stock but without the premium price tag. Not only is it HP Indigo Certified, the smooth antique printing surface allows for extraordinary print reproduction with dry toner, letterpress and offset too.

Classic white is not too cold, not too warm – it’s ‘just right’ to showcase your designs.


Boston is FSC certified at the mill

Weights available

120gsm, 200gsm and 350gsm

Boston Classic White card and paper

Classic White

Please note that there can be a small colour variance between the paper and card weight of Boston Classic White. The supply we get from the mill can vary from delivery to delivery so we can’t guarantee an exact colour match.


Smooth, vintage appearance, high quality stock that is a dream to work with for all print processes.

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

120/200gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Blind Embossing & Offset.

350gsm: CMYK Digital (solid areas not recommended), Foil Press, Letterpress, Blind Embossing & Offset. Can be duplexed to 700gsm after printing.

700gsm: Foil Press and Letterpress.

Sheet sizes

A4 and SRA3 with parent sheets 1091x788mm available upon request.

Euro flap envelopes available

11b, 130x190mm, 150x150mm, DL, C6 and C5.

Iflap envelopes available

11b, 130x190mm, 150x150mm, 130x130mm, 105x105mm, C6, C5 and DL.