Classic Linen

Classic Linen card

Classic Linen

Classic Linen Solar White is a quality American addition to our linen stocks. Linen never goes out of fashion, itís timeless elegance lends itself to any occasion and our Printery angels work their magic with that textured surface to bring your designs to life.


Classic Linen is FSC certified at the mill

Weights available


Classic Linen Solar White card

Solar White


Linen (of course), textured and rippled. Not ideal for solid print coverage.

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Letterpress, Blind Embossing & Offset. Can be duplexed to 704gsm after printing.

Sheet sizes

A4 and SRA3 with parent sheets 647x965mm available upon request.


No envelopes available in this weight, however see our Versa Linen/Coco Linen range as a good match.