Crane Lettra


Crane Lettra

Made for Letterpress printing……but great for other processes too!

Initially produced for the letterpress revolution, Crane's Lettra papers have the feel of fabric and the look of hand made art paper. And while it is engineered to stand up to the great pressures of letterpress printing, Lettra performs equally well with offset lithography; engraving; and inkless processes such as embossing, debossing or die-cutting.


Crane's Lettra papers have the complex structure and strength of cotton papers, allowing them to withstand multiple press operations and achieving superb registration under the most pressure processes.

...Yet Fluffy

Crane's Lettra papers are unsized to maximise its suppleness and its receptiveness to a deep impression. It's also uncalendered, meaning that it is not smoothed in the calendar stacks on the papermaking machine...This leaves the fibres relatively uncompacted, giving the sheet an extra bulky, even fluffy feeling that absorbs ink while remaining soft to the touch.


No wood fiber goes into Crane paper. There's no lignin in cotton, so zero dioxins are formed.
100% recovered and reused since 1801, when Zenas Crane began buying household rags to make his 100% cotton rag paper.

Colours and Weights available

120gsm, 300gsm and 600gsm.

Crane Lettra Fluoro White paper and card
Crane Lettra Pearl White paper and card

Fluoro White

Pearl White


Soft, fluffy cotton….heaven for our letterpress machine.

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

120gsm: CMYK Digital (just not solid areas please), Blind Embossing & Offset.

300gsm: CMYK Digital (just not solid areas please), Letterpress, Blind Embossing & Offset. Can be duplexed after printing to 600gsm.

600gsm: Letterpress and Embossing.

Hot Foil Press: Our current batch is not suitable for Hot Foil Press. We recommend Cushion as a substitute.

Prone to cracking when scored, so avoid any product that needs folding.

Sheet sizes

A4 and SRA3 with parent sheets available upon request.

600gsm 660x508mm mill packaged boxes of 50 for letterpress printers Australia wide.

Euro flap envelopes available

C6, 130x190mm and 150x150mm.