Crane Lettra Impress


Crane Lettra Impress

We all love Crane Letterpress so much but thereís no getting away from the fact that itís made for letterpress. Itís fluffy and soft and delightful but not when youíre trying to print digitally on it! Thankfully thereís another product in the Crane family which is created purely for digital printing Ė Crane Impress.

As the name suggests itís impressive in quality and digital print comes to life on this stock. It matches in colour perfectly so you can combine them both in a suite with no hesitation.


No wood fiber goes into Crane paper. There's no lignin in cotton, so zero dioxins are formed.
100% recovered and reused since 1801, when Zenas Crane began buying household rags to make his 100% cotton rag paper.

Colours and Weights available

318gsm and 636gsm.

Crane Lettra Fluoro White paper and card
Crane Lettra Pearl White paper and card

Fluoro White

Pearl White


Crane Impress has a carefully engineered surface designed for the digital press.

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

318gsm and 636gsm: CMYK Digital (just not solid areas please), Digital Gold, Silver and Metallics

Prone to cracking when scored, so avoid any product that needs folding.


There are no Crane Lettra Impress envelopes, but the Crane Lettra Letterpress Euro flap envelopes will be your best match.