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Die Cutting
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Foreground: Arch die 'locked up' in a chase, ready to die cut. Background: Our Die library hangs vertically in rows to maximise space. We use vintage Heidelberg presses (without the ink rollers) for our traditional die cutting.

Die Cutting - Traditional AND Digital Methods

TRADITIONAL die cutting refers to a process in which a machine is used to produce cut-out shapes. We can create the same shape, with the exact same dimensions, over and over without using scissors, stencils, or a craft knife. We can even create intricate shapes and score lines (like our pockets).

Die cut shapes look crisp, professional and consistent every time.

The dies are thin, razor sharp steel blades formed into specific shapes. Ours are mounted into wood which is then carefully fixed into the chase of our press. Each sheet of paper or card is pressed between the die and the platen, punching the shape out with a crisp clean edge.

They're similar in effect to cookie cutters - the shape of the die is the shape that will get cut out on your chosen stock.

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A selection of the many in house die shapes we have in our library.

It’s a great way to make your printed piece stand out from the crowd, offering a unique option to customise your print job and really make a statement. After all, we all know it’s hip to be square – but it’s WAY cooler to be round, arched, or even geode, right?!

We have a very large die library of shapes which are offered to you using a set up and run charge (calculated in the die cutting charge). We wear the cost of the die. Simply add your printing to the shopping cart, then add die cutting.

Traditional die cutting only is offered for letterpress and foil jobs. You can even create your own custom die if you have an idea - just be sure to read our artwork guidelines and follow the prompts in uploading your usually takes a few additional days to have your custom die manufactured. We cannot create one-off die cut samples using the traditional die cutting method due to having to manufacture a die and set up the press.

For bigger runs and custom traditional dies contact us for a quote.

Digital Die Cutting

DIGITAL die cutting is performed by first converting your vector die line into a format our digital die cutting machine recognises. Once we've converted, checked and tested; we save your file to be called upon the next time you require a digital die cut of your design. We charge a once-off set up charge for this process. Note! if you've paid for a dieline setup for say a 120x180mm, you'll need to create another one for a different size as it's a completely different set up.

Once we've printed your artwork and uploaded your dieline, our digital die cutting machine has a camera that finds a printed mark on each page that helps us achieve 'magic' registration. It then cuts and scores according to your die line using lots of special cutting and creasing tools.

This method is excellent for short runs and very intricate cutting lines - as well as one-off samples.

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Both the circle and the rose have been digitally die cut.

Create OMG Die Cut Samples
We've digitised the Peterkin die library (so there's no set up fee there for you), which means you can order one-off mind-blowing die cut single samples of all our shapes...

But (get this) you can also have one-off samples of your own unique shapes too!

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Order custom digital die cut samples or standard Peterkin shapes

Order die cut printed samples here.

Digital or traditional die cutting?

We're keeping it ultra-simple...

Digital Die Cutting -- Standard thickness stocks, digitally printed.
Traditional Die Cutting -- Double thick stocks, any letterpress, foil or embossed job.

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