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Printery Services | Digital Gold, Silver and Metallics
digital gold silver metallics printing

Digital Gold, Silver and Metallic Printing

Digital Gold/Silver/Metallics uses shimmery metallic dry toner to lay down digital images directly onto paper/card without a need for expensive printing plates/negatives/blocks. This means we can print variable data, with a quicker turnaround, do short runs, and print samples for you.

Digital Gold/Silver/Metallics are stunning...... but definitely not in the same league as Hot Foil Press. Please don't expect to be able to match digital gold to Hot Foil gold - they will look very different. Please buy our Luxe Printing Services Pack to understand and demonstrate the difference between the two processes.

Finally, digital metallic technology has caught up with our expectations! Until now, digital gold toners (in particular) on offer were simply not up to scratch. They were more ‘mustard yellow’ and way less ‘luxe gold’ in our (fussy) minds! Our offering is based on literally months of extensive research and testing on over 250 different stocks.

Simply follow our artwork guidelines to create your own mind-blowing designs. You’re only limited by your imagination!

And! Because it’s digital, you can order test prints of your designs!

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