Gmund Colors Transparent

Gmund Colors Transparent paper and card

Gmund Colors Transparent – Porcelain-50

Made with the incomparable environmental and ethical standards we’ve come to expect from Gmund, their Colors Transparent is a brilliant addition to our range. It’s almost see-through consistency allows you to cleverly print, layer and wrap to your heart’s content.

Please be aware that our most recent batch of Gmund Transparent Porcelain 200gsm is looking a little different to what you’re used to.

There’s a subtle pattern, with a sprinkling of flecks throughout (looks a bit like frost :) ). The texture and transparent qualities are just the same as usual though.

This won’t be a replacement and isn’t a fault with the stock, just something to be aware of currently when meeting with clients as it won’t exactly match your swatch books.

Please see photos”


Weights available

100gsm and 200gsm.


Smooth, opaque but almost see-through (think cloudy glass of a bathroom window).

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

100gsm and 200gsm: CMYK and White Digital (avoid solids), Foil Press (there are limitations and risks with foiling – please check artwork with the Printery first). Not suitable for scoring.

Sheet sizes

A4, SRA3 with parent sheets 700x1000mm available upon request.
There are no envelopes available in this stock – way too tricky to make and lots of wastage!