Invitation Envelopes Australia


Why choose a
Peterkin Premium envelope?

We offer one of the most comprehensive 'off the shelf' selections
of premium envelopes in Australia.

They're classy, unique, beautifully crafted and we proudly make
them right here on our premises.

Vintage Machinery

We only manufacture from quality, imported and Australian papers...
our machine 'chews up'  anything less...

Our dies are forged from a single piece of the highest quality steel
to withstand our powerful 'cookie cutter' - an FL Smythe die press which
cuts out the 'blanks'.

The envelope blanks are then hand-fed into our 1961 FL Smythe WRK
envelope machine, which obediently (most of the time) scores, glues, folds
and delivers a product we're proud of. They're then quality checked,
left to dry overnight, then hand-packed into bulk or packs for sale.

Lick 'em and Stick 'em

All Peterkin Envelopes are made with the traditional sealing method of  Lick n Stick’,
perfect for bulk mailing machines, quality announcing and our Digital Envelope
Overprinting Service.

To view our envelope range at a glance, download our Envelope Availability Chart.
It's pretty handy to refer to. We promise we'll update the chart every time
we add or remove a new envelope from our range...

Make to Order

Are you after an envelope we don't have? Is it one of our die shapes and sizes?

We'll gleefully manufacture anything you like to order. Please contact us for a specialised quote and envelope advice.