Marshmallow paper and card


Another paper that’s part of our beloved Japanese family here at Peterkin. Marshmallow is one of our favourites due to it’s versatility and smooth to touch surface. If you send us solid artwork you’ll be certain to hear us cry “that’ll work best on Marshmallow”. Marshmallow is perfect for any solid coverage designs or photos and suitable for Indigo and laser beam printers too. Available in two shades, Crisp White and Warm Ivory, with a choice of matching envelopes in every size.


Milled using pulp from sustainable, managed forests or Marshmallow is FSC certified at the mill.

Colours and Weights available

105gsm and 261gsm.

Marshmallow Crisp White paper and card
Marshmallow Warm Ivory paper and card

Crisp White

Warm Ivory


Ultra-smooth, luxurious finish. Ideal for large areas of colour.

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

105gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Blind Embossing and Offset.

261gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Letterpress, Blind Embossing and Offset. Can be duplexed to 522gsm.

Sheet sizes

A4 and SRA3 with parent sheets 636x939mm available upon request.

Euro flap envelopes available


Iflap envelopes available

11b, 130x190mm, 150x150mm, 130x130mm, 105x105mm, C6, C5 and DL.

Wallet flap envelopes available (remaining stock)