Meet our Team

Meet our Team of Passionate Paper People...

We spend 30% of our lives asleep... buy the best bed you can afford. We spend another 30% of our lives at work...
get a job you're passionate about!

We employ people who WANT to work with us. Who are PASSIONATE in what they do every day...
and we recognise everyone has a niche. Something they're really, really good at.

We strive to tap into that niche and make our people responsible for the areas of the business they can drive their passion and therefore shine!

'Cos your best asset is your people... and you're only as good as your people - so we put great importance on choosing them well! (And WE have to spend 30% of OUR day with them, so they need to be nice with a good sense of humour - you've gotta spend some of your day laughing to keep the passion!)

We employ the best people to ensure you get the best product and experience possible at the best price possible.

Meet our talented team of passionate and creative people (with good senses of humour):

Jodie Graham Bron



Jodie is our sassy head-girl who works at a million miles an hour and finds there are never enough hours in the day to complete her never-ending to –do list... She’ll always give it a red-hot go though and is regularly still communicating with our customers at 11pm at night!

She began her paper and print career in 1991 and was destined to have her own business. Her passion and energy is infectious and she inspires us all to give our best. Her ability to juggle many balls at once is truly enviable.

Jodie is a sociable creature who loves the banter of a busy office but is equally as happy at home with her ‘boys’ Graham, Jackson and Obi.



Co-director and partner to Jodie since 1994, “Skinny” (it’s an old nickname…) was dragged into the business in its infancy. He is Jodie’s partner in love and life and very proud to be Dad to their gorgeous son Jackson.

When we come to a road block, Graham’s the one we turn to. He’s our logical, strategic thinker who calmly sees the GIANT picture and how to get there without too much stress on the way.

He’s our fountain of knowledge on news, current affairs and celebrity goss and leads animated office discussions daily….. but to be honest, he’d rather be fishing.



With her truly infectious laugh, there is never a dull moment when Bron’s around. She is the ‘Mum’ of the office and is renowned for making the birthday cakes and fussing around us all. Nothing is too much bother for beautiful Bronny and she’ll turn her hand to anything with never a grumble (it helps if you make her coffee first mind you).

Her retention of figures and production knowledge is unbeatable and her and James are often huddled together over a spreadsheet nutting out the costings for new products. Bron is also who we turn to for custom complex quotes and she works her magic to prepare detailed quotes for you.

Annie Michelle Liz



A proud Salopian (google it), Annie joined us in 2016 after a career in the UK as a print broker and a successful party plan business here in Perth to fit around her three children. The combination of print experience, sales and customer service was absolute perfection for our growing Customer Service team.

Annie loves to talk (she was born talking we reckon). Her Dad was an auctioneer and she’s definitely got his gift of the gab. Her daily motto, not just at work, is to always treat others the way you would like to be treated. She has high standards and will bend over backwards to put the client first. She’s your advocate and always pick up the phone if you want to chat anything through, she’ll have your back.

Annie totally burns the candle at both ends, loves life and a drink or two. Together with her partners-in-crime Bron and Michelle, they keep the office wide-eyed and chuckling as they discuss their lucky husbands, teenage children and life in general really!



Okay, so I may have stuffed up here but to be honest she’s a keeper.

In interview, Michelle mentioned that she has three teenage children, loves a drink (teenagers, say no more) and lemon cheesecake so I knew she’d fit right in with Bron and Annie BUT they were most disappointed to discover that she doesn’t drink coffee….. I mean, do they want a colleague to share the work load or just a coffee bitch?!

Thankfully, she fits in like a dream and we haven’t looked back. With a resumé offering more than 26 years of print experience at Snap Print including dealing first hand with customers, we knew she’d be the perfect match. Better still, she’d had a short-term stint in Centrelink customer service so she doesn’t bat an eyelid at the flowery language we all use here either. It’s a win-win and we hope she lasts another 26 years with her new Peterkin Family.



Little does Liz know that the common mantra around the walls of Peterkin before she arrived was “Liz’ll fix that!”. And oh my goodness, she absolutely will! James has died and gone to heaven because he can now offload fixing everyone’s (work) issues and focus on the job he was employed for.

Liz studied screen print design in Melbourne and went on to work in graphic design as well as offset & digital printing. Her latest job was Studio Manager with the University of Melbourne so she knows her stuff.

She has thrown herself into all departments, already worked out some of the main hurdles and has great ideas and an attitude that is infectious on everyone around her.

Her return to Perth was not just for our benefit – she’s a west coast girl through and through and has brought her hubby, gorgeous daughter Emily and two cats back to her stomping ground and family roots. I’m sure her family are over the moon and quite frankly, so are we.

Sarah Alex Alex



Originally from Cornwall in South West England, Sarah’s a creative soul with a rare combo of graphic design experience (both in family businesses and multinationals) and fabulous customer liaison skills. Let’s be honest, lots of those creative types hate speaking on the phone so we snapped her up!

She has a passion for finding creative solutions and particularly loves guiding clients to make the magic happen.

Sarah’s previous design challenges have involved everything from luxury packaging design to styling for photo and video shoots.

Like the rest of our fabulous team, we love her can-do attitude and boundless enthusiasm…. Nothing is too much bother.

Sarah has two children, two dogs and at least two roles at Peterkin! And in her tiny little bit of spare time her hobbies include painting pet portraits (watch out Obi) and a love of anything vintage.



Shanise is a Tassie girl through and through. Down to earth, calm and kind with a beautiful smile and warm personality. To be honest, she won us all over the first time we met her with a tin of home-made cookies – she’s not silly!

She is super industrious and comes to us from a 10 year career in management with KFC – no one can deny, paper smells a lot nicer than fried chicken oil at the end of the day! Luckily for us KFC has taught her irreplaceable life skills and our beautiful clients will be a walk in the park for her now ;)

Like a lot of our wonderful team, she loves the outdoors and is enjoying the amazing combo we have in Western Australia of breathtaking beaches and sunny, non-humid days on which to lie on them. Her and her partner think nothing of driving from Perth to Tassie (with a little help from a ferry of course), a journey which takes no more than 5 days apparently!? A lot of time for I Spy that’s for sure.



Often seen checking, counting, reorganising, packing and always seen helping and smiling, Alex has a historic and enviable wealth of knowledge of our warehouse and products.

She worked with us for 10 years before leaving to have her two beautiful daughters Isabelle and Myffy (not as in the Dick Bruna rabbit, that’s Miffy! Alex’s hubby’s family has Welsh heritage and Myffy is short for Myfanwy of course!) We were over the moon when she said she was happy to come back on board.

She’s James’ right-hand woman and blimey, is he happy to have her back on board too! She’s a true multi-tasker and is constantly adding more bows to her arrow in order to be support for production and despatch too. We really should call her Flexi-Lexi cus she’ll adapt to absolutely anything we throw her way!

Sonia Jess Amy



Born in Reus, south of Barcelona, Sonia’s resume reads like it was written for the position.  She has a Master’s degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction, as well as a B.A.  Her experience includes digital press operation for a copy centre in Barcelona, product photography and digital website design amongst various branding, typography, packaging and catalogue design achievements.

She brings incredible talent, knowledge and passion to our Printery and will always offer guidance and advice to our clients to ensure they get the best job possible.

Although quiet by nature, do not be fooled!  A couple of beers and a dance-floor and you might think you’re in the audience at the finals of Dancing with the Stars.  We love her direct European attitude, combined with timely eye-rolling and crazy hand communication – she’s a very feminine version of a Spanish bull at a fiesta and not to be messed with!



She’s a Jess (not a Jessie) and has had a fun life so far, having spent time living in Nepal and Canada. She hails from Newcastle, NSW but moved to Perth to be with her partner.

She tells us she loves living in Perth but does miss the late night shopping which is every night over East apparently – crazy!!

Jess has a gorgeous cocker spaniel fur-baby called Zuri Darla (Zuri for short). She is an occasional visitor to the Printery much to everyone's delight (maybe not Obi!).

She’s a bit of a tomboy whose passions include designing skateboards (she attempts the sport too), footy and a party or two.

Other skills include textile design and screen printing when she has a moment – Jess fits in perfectly here with her zest for life and fun-loving attitude.



Amy was an instant match with our Peterkin Team – her family owns a winery down in the stunning Margaret River wine region!! Sorry, no that wasn’t the only reason….. she has a degree in Graphic Design too (honestly).

Amy is a welcome addition to our Printery team – she has flair, knowledge and a common-sense approach that enables her to guide clients to their perfect product. She is wonderfully cool, calm and collected. Just what we need to blend with some of the other Peterkin crazies we already have! It takes all sorts, remember.

Outside of work, she has no choice but to be a wine connoisseur – in particular she loves a sparkling brut and a shiraz but confesses to loving all wine – she’s not fussy. She’s a typical WA girl, loves the outdoors, camping and hanging with friends and family. Her family walked the Kokoda Track together a few years ago so they must all be as calm and chilled as Amy to survive that feat together!

James Rachael Jens



James is our proactive, nothing phases him, fabulous data manager…… to be honest he’s the first to offer to help in any of our departments, always with a sunny disposition and smile on his dial.

Originally from Sydney, he moved to Perth a few years ago and loves everything about our great WA city….. apparently there is nothing he misses about Sydney (apart from his family of course!).

His expertise in stock control, logistics and warehouse management is a huge asset to our ever growing business and his to-do list will never run dry!

Outside of work, he’s a big ‘boys stuff’ movie watcher (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) and loves a Scotch or two. But, don’t be fooled, he also loves a good sing-song – he’s no Paul McCartney but we don’t care, his happy, positive attitude means he’s a pleasure to be around (just don’t sing too loud in the office please James).



Rachael is quiet as a little mouse and moves around the Printery with grace and efficiency – whatever the opposite of bull in a china shop is – that’s her!

She achieved a double honours degree from Curtin Uni in Graphic Design and Product Design and went on to gain invaluable industry and customer service experience with Snap Printing. Her role there covered graphic design, production and customer service all of which lend her to fitting smoothly into the Peterkin Printery Team.

She is the envy of the Peterkin kitchen as her partner’s parents own an Asian restaurant – Rachael’s leftovers are the best leftovers in the whole of leftover world and leave the rest of us drooling.

Her passions outside of work are very Japanese!! Rachael is a talented artist and spends her downtime creating fabulous animé sketches which she sells at EXPOs as well as dreaming of her next trip to Japan.



First things first, it’s pronounced Yens, like pence (this led to an office wide discussion of whether you say pence or penny, I mean do you go to the loo and spend a pence?? But at least we all now know how to say his name!

Jens is from Jakarta in Indonesia (his Dad is German hence (rhymes with Jens) the Germanic name) and moved to Perth in 2006.

He is calm, cool and collected which is just perfect when he’s surrounded by a team of bossy girls… poor thing!

His qualification in Graphic Design and work experience in print production meant we snapped him up for our print finishing and quality control area – we’ve trained him to have an eagle eye (as good as the girls!) and not much passes him by.

He loves soccer, snooker and generally chilling out at the weekend. He’s an animal lover and is always trying to play with Obi – who often darts in the opposite direction. That’s right Obi, treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen!

Julia Skye Angie



Julia (pronounced Whoooolia – we love saying that, poor Julia!) is from the beautiful region of Patagonia, in Argentina. Having moved to Buenos Aires to study Graphic Design, she then worked and travelled through Europe before arriving in Australia in 2018.

In her time in Australia she’s travelled and worked in various professions, including graphic design (of course), cleaning and wait for it….even a camelier! In case you didn’t know, that’s someone who leads a camel across the beach at sunset in Broome – tough job Julia but someone’s gotta do it!

In her spare time, she loves all things outdoors and nature and despite working full-time, volunteers her design skills to our Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre.

She glides gracefully in and out of work on her electric scooter and it feels like she’s been here forever –Whooolia is a gem.



Originally from Hanoi in Vietnam, Skye and her family moved to Perth when she was a child.

Whilst studying Business Studies at Curtin Uni she worked part-time at Officeworks and was promoted to look after their printing department. She loved it so much that she switched her major to Graphic Design and the rest, as they say, is history!

Skye is part of our ever-growing Printery Team. Like her colleagues, she is willing and able to turn her hand to any machine and that multi-skilling is a truly fabulous asset to Peterkin.

Naturally, she adores visiting her Vietnamese hometurf as well as travelling elsewhere, particularly Japan and Korea. She is a sporty-spice, plays badminton and loves swimming (admittedly though she’s a lap swimmer, not an ocean swimmer – not a fan of the sharks for some reason?!).



Angie makes us all smile with her totally inappropriate sense of humour and quick-witted one liners (that’s when we can understand her – she’s a true Geordie and needs an official translator by her side!). With our ever-growing production team she takes the newbies under her fluffy wing and truly nurtures them to become part of the Peterkin family.

In the industry since she was a wee girl, Angie has a genuine passion for paper. She picks orders, duplexes gorgeous stocks and checks, wraps and packs your Printery orders.

She has a massive heart of gold and cares for the quality of your work almost as much as she cares for quality time (preferably camping in beautiful, unspoilt areas of WA) with her hubby and three gorgeous kids.

Bruce John Mike



Born in Canada and brought up in Fife, Scotland, Bruce was part of one of the last classes to be trained in both offset and letterpress printing during his five year printing apprenticeship. He learned on old Heidelberg and Roland letterpress machines, but used mostly offset machinery while at work in print houses.

Bruce has worked an amazing range of machinery in his career – from digital to offset and right up to huge 8 and 10 colour presses. Moving to Peterkin has taken him back to his roots and his original training. He loves old letterpress machinery, which is perfect because that’s what we work with. He’s old school, a perfectionist and a craftsman. He’s mastered our old cantankerous 1961 envelope machine as best it will be mastered and is addicted to the smell of ink on a press.

Bruce rides his bike everywhere and seems to like things in two’s… He has two kids, two grand-kids, 2 beagles but not two wives. He reckons he couldn’t handle that.



Where do I start? Another handy Scotsman….. they train them well over there that’s for sure!

John started his print career in Edinburgh as a print technician with the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art. He fine-tuned skills in litho, screen and letterpress printing, working with the original Heidelberg platen press that we use in our Printery today. After his big move to WA in 1989, he became the Print Administrator with the Australian Red Cross, organizing all their printing needs. When they chose to outsource their print, they trusted John entirely and he set up his own business supplying them from his own premises.

Throw into the mix a 10 year stint at Bunnings and there’s not a lot John can’t do!

His family are based in Edinburgh, London, Brighton and Budapest so he loves his trips ‘home’ when he can and makes the most of exploring near and far. It’s hard to believe that he’s a Grandad to a gorgeous girl called Innika. Thankfully she's in Perth so he gets to be a big part of her life, lucky girl!



Mike emigrated from Essex, England in 2017 with a fabulous wealth of paper and envelope knowledge.

His previous work experience includes time with the UK paper merchant Wiggins Teape as well as operating envelope machinery (see why we loved him?). He wasn’t popular with his poor wife when he had to cut their honeymoon short to go to America for envelope manufacture training!

Since being in Perth his work has been of a maintenance nature, both at a school and holiday resort.

In a nutshell he offers a perfect combo of technical knowledge and ‘hands-on’ work attitude – he won’t just floss over a problem, he’ll get it sorted for the long-term.

Outside of work, he’s kept busy with his wife, 3 boys (2 human, 1 canine – Henry the chocolate lab) and loves some time out fishing and kayaking on the weekends.

Being a true Brit, he adores his football (soccer) and takes his passion to the next level by running his own soccer club – now that’s passionate!!

Laura Shanice Obi



Laura working with Peterkin was simply meant to be! With her degree in Graphic Design, she wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do and tested a few career paths including being a dental assistant…..we’re hoping the luxury papers in our warehouse smell a whole lot sweeter than the inside of gummy old mouths!

She’s as quiet as a little mouse (but we’re sure that will change as she gets to know us all better!) and applies herself to anything new with care and diligence.

Laura’s parents are from Romania and she has fond memories of visiting twice when she was smaller…..memories that include climbing a mountain, getting lost in a swamp, building a hay bale fort, driving a horse-drawn carriage and losing a pair of shoes in cow dung…. Romania sounds like a childhood dream destination. Visiting Dracula’s castle is still on the bucket list!

Like most of our team, her passion is anything creative and in her spare time she loves chilling out watching craft and science videos on YouTube as well as drawing, adding to her Funko Pops collection and mooching around Op Shops and second hand markets.



Shanice is a pocket rocket – she didn’t enjoy school but has been finding her feet ever since.

She learnt a heck-load of fabulous life skills working in Macca’s Perth city centre (as you can imagine) and now reckons she’s totally landed on her feet with her new Peterkin family…. And she smells a whole lot nicer at the end of the day too! The feeling is mutual, she’s been an asset since the day she walked in our door with her can-do attitude.

Don’t be fooled by those false eye-lashes and stories of cocktails by the pool, Shanice has played for several footy teams (has some serious injuries to prove it) and spent several years volunteering with animal charities.

She’s a proper tom-boy who loves tinkering with cars and camping in the beautiful regions of WA. She has a heart of gold, is strong and mature and proving her worth every step of the way.

Obi Wan Kenobi "Obi"


Obi's got a big dog bark, but is about the size of a beagle. His heritage is Blue Heeler and Jack Russell - A 'Jackie Blue Heeler in fact.

As you can see, only one ear goes up, but it certainly doesn't affect his hearing!

He's our doorbell and scares the beegezus out of anyone who comes to visit.

Obi's been a 'working dog' since he was a puppy. He does laps around the warehouse and tries out anyone for a game of tug-o-war.