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Meet the Team

Meet our Team of Passionate Paper People...

We spend 30% of our lives asleep... buy the best bed you can afford. We spend another 30% of our lives at work...
get a job you're passionate about!

We employ people who WANT to work with us. Who are PASSIONATE in what they do every day...
and we recognise everyone has a niche. Something they're really, really good at.

We strive to tap into that niche and make our people responsible for the areas of the business they can drive their passion and therefore shine! 'Cos your best asset is your people... and you're only as good as your people - so we put great importance on choosing them well! (And WE have to spend 30% of OUR day with them, so they need to be nice with a good sense of humour - you've gotta spend some of your day laughing to keep the passion!)

We employ the best people to ensure you get the best product and experience possible at the best price possible.

Meet our talented team of passionate and creative people (with good senses of humour):

Jodie Graham



Jodie is our sassy head-girl and founder who works at a million miles an hour and finds there are never enough hours in the day to complete her never-ending to –do list... She’ll always give it a red-hot go though and is regularly still communicating with our customers at 11pm at night!

She began her paper and print career in 1991 and was destined to have her own business - which she began in 1994 with a side-gig weekend market stall selling paper and rubber art stamps. Very quickly it turned into a full time mail-order and travelling store, setting up in country shopping centres all around Western Australia, followed by her first retail store in North Perth WA, and subsequent stores in... Elsternwick and Moonee Ponds, Victoria. The Starfish Lane stores were sold after the birth of their son Jackson in 2002. In 1996 Jodie and her and partner Graham began the importing, manufacturing and wholesale business we now call Peterkin Paper. And the rest they say is history!

Her passion and energy is infectious and she inspires us all to give our best. Her ability to juggle many balls at once is truly enviable. Jodie is a sociable creature who loves the banter of a busy office but is equally as happy at home with her family Graham, Jackson and Ani.



Graham likes to remain a bit of a mystery really... so we can't show his face.

Co-director and partner to Jodie since 1994, “Skinny” (it’s an old nickname…) was dragged into the business in its infancy. He is Jodie’s partner in love and life and very proud to be Dad to their gorgeous son Jackson.

When we come to a road block, Graham’s the one we turn to. He’s our logical, strategic thinker who calmly sees the GIANT picture and how to get there without too much stress on the way.

He’s our fountain of knowledge on news, current affairs and celebrity goss and leads animated office discussions daily….. but to be honest, he’d rather be fishing.



Oh my word!! This one has stolen our hearts and will continue to steal quite a lot of our time too!

Her arrival was planned to coincide with the mature years, experience and wisdom of our gorgeous boy Obi. Sadly he left our Peterkin world way too early so she’s an only child with only human, non-fluffy teachers to train her.

Ani is an Aussie Mountain Doodle and a great big fluffy teddy bear we all fuss over. Although she bolts to the front door when she hears it open, she’ll greet and lick all of you who enjoy warehouse collection. Be sure to pop into the ‘office’ side if you want a cuddle!



With her truly infectious laugh, there is never a dull moment when Bron’s around. She is the ‘Mum’ of the office and is renowned for making the birthday cakes and fussing around us all. Nothing is too much bother for beautiful Bronny and she’ll turn her hand to anything with never a grumble (it helps if you make her coffee first mind you).

Her retention of figures and production knowledge is unbeatable and her and James are often huddled together over a spreadsheet nutting out the costings for new products. Bron is also who we turn to for custom complex quotes and she works her magic to prepare detailed quotes for you.



Brittany brings a youthful twist to the Customer Happiness Team (don’t tell Bron and Michelle I said that!). With over 10 years customer experience at Muzz Buzz, dealing with grumpy morning people needing their coffee, she can handle anything here. With management experience too she is fabulous with people and not afraid to pick up the phone and chat things through with you.

Like most of our team, Brittany is a creative type and has a love of all things design. She’s studied a Bachelor of Interior Design so feel free to chat wallpaper patterns with her if you need to.

Unlike Eloise, Brittany is as proud as punch to be known as the Peterkin Crazy Cat Lady and owns no less than four feline friends, called Salem, Reign, Ellie and Jonesy – that’s a conversation in itself! Apparently her cats are never too happy when she gets home smelling of our office doggy Ani!



Exceptional customer service comes in many forms, and Perth girl Grace’s speciality is both educational and entertaining! Grace’s love of musical theatre has seen her professionally singing, dancing, and acting across the country. Now she’s back in Perth and adapting her creative talents in Peterkin’s Curly Questions department!

Off stage, Grace has trodden the boards of many retail and hospitality establishments, honing her amazing people and problem-solving skills – and, as she’s also studying a Master of Teaching for Early Childhood and Primary (phew!) she’s really, really, good at explanations and calmly carrying on.

When she’s not in the spotlight, Grace and fellow performer Jake are planning their wedding (lot’s of printing inspo here!) and sharing their home with adopted twin guinea pigs Posie and Pansie, who join the ever-growing menagerie of Peterkin Pets.



Michelle joined Peterkin after more than 25 years in the print industry, learning everything from estimating and graphic design to management. Better still, she’d had a short-term stint in Centrelink customer service, so she doesn’t bat an eyelid at the flowery language we all use here either!

Now she’s learnt the ropes as an integral part of the Customer Happiness team – Michelle’s had a promotion (woo hoo!). Since Peterkin’s moved to bigger and better premises, we needed someone to be across all the teams, the machines, and the multitude day-to-day to-dos – Michelle was the best woman for the job. She’s our go-to person making all of our days run that little bit smoother.

When Michelle’s not running round the warehouse, she’s running round at home with a husband and three teens, plus the crafty hobbies common to just about all Peterkin Peeps!

No pets of yet (but she’s hoping to sneak Ani home).



There’s always a lot of plate spinning involved in the ‘goods in-and-out department’ at Peterkin, and versatile Miranda’s the bomb at running our Despatch with care and precision. Perth born and bred, her career path in management and merchandising has made Miranda a perfect match for despatch!

Off duty, Miranda loves getting out in the garden and down the beach, and she’s a keen bookworm, having managed both a bookstore, and runs a book club. Plus, she’s a fan of watching every sport you can think of.
Good things come in threes, and Miranda has three teenage girls (now that needs organisation!) and… three cats, whose names might reflex their personalities? Mischief, Dapper and Styx (named after the mythological Greek underworld river… you can tell she’s a reader!)



Often seen checking, counting, reorganising, packing and always seen helping and smiling, Alex has a historic and enviable wealth of knowledge of our warehouse and products.

She worked with us for 10 years before leaving to have her two beautiful daughters Isabelle and Myffy (not as in the Dick Bruna rabbit, that’s Miffy! Alex’s hubby’s family has Welsh heritage and Myffy is short for Myfanwy of course!) We were over the moon when she said she was happy to come back on board.

She’s James’ right-hand woman and blimey, is he happy to have her back on board too! She’s a true multi-tasker and is constantly adding more bows to her arrow in order to be support for production and despatch too. We really should call her Flexi-Lexi cus she’ll adapt to absolutely anything we throw her way!




Thank goodness for Eloise! She is fabulously cool, calm and collected which is just what you need with the daily pressure and amount of work through our Printery.

Working alongside Jess and Sarah she meticulously checks printing order details and artwork, communicates with clients and ensures that those jobs are absolutely press-ready! Like all of our team she has an eye for detail and is a great support to the Customer Service team with all things technical! Eloise has a Diploma in Photography and loves shooting 35mm ‘film cameras’. She was born and raised in Perth and despite a 6 month Melbourne visit, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Beaches, sun, gorgeous people – we can’t blame her! Whilst enjoying the amazing WA weather, Eloise loves reading, both fiction and non-fiction and has a particular interest in psychology. She does also have 2 fur-babies, her cats named Osha and Bug but promised us not to make her sound like a crazy cat-lady….haha, she loves psychology and cats….say no more!



Our Digital Press perfectionist Jess, has travelled far from her small-town start in the Hunter Valley NSW, to living both in Nepal and Canada. Luckily for Peterkin, Jess settled in Perth to be with her fiancé, Brad. She loves living in Perth, but does miss the late night shopping which is every night over East apparently – (we can only imagine!)

An occasional visitor to the Printery, much to everyone's delight is Jess’ gorgeous cocker spaniel fur-baby called Zuri Darla (Zuri for short).

Jess is a master plate-spinner in the Printery, wrangling up to six digital presses at a time, she’s super focussed in the workplace – but when off duty, her relaxing creative hobbies include designing skateboards, textile design and screen printing. In keeping with her flexible nature she also has a passion for pilates.

With her no nonsense approach, tireless energy (and a love of sharing sweet treats she’s baked) Jess fits in perfectly with Team Peterkin.



Born in Reus, south of Barcelona, Sonia has both a BA and Master’s degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction. Her wealth of experience includes digital press operation, product photography and website design amongst various branding, typography, packaging and catalogue design achievements.

Sonia’s always loved the ocean and no matter where she’s lived (including Perth) she’s been close to the big blue.

Her Peterkin know-how is next level (there’s a constant stream of people to her office asking her questions!) Sonia’s the brain behind the website, figuring out our new digital technologies and working alongside James to constantly tweak our workflows and automations. No wonder with all that mind-melting problem solving, Sonia loves getting away from it all when she can (especially during winter) and travelling to the Northern hemisphere. There she can indulge in her mouth-watering passion for Mediterranean foods, from Spanish to Morrocan.

Sonia’s also contributed to our Peterkin fur baby cat-count, sharing her home with three feline lovelies: Cracker, Chilli and Toast.

James Mike Julia



James is our proactive, nothing phases him, fabulous data manager…… to be honest he’s the first to offer to help in any of our departments, always with a sunny disposition and smile on his dial.

Originally from Sydney, he moved to Perth a few years ago and loves everything about our great WA city….. apparently there is nothing he misses about Sydney (apart from his family of course!).

His expertise in stock control, logistics and warehouse management is a huge asset to our ever growing business and his to-do list will never run dry!

Outside of work, he’s a big ‘boys stuff’ movie watcher (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) and loves a Scotch or two. But, don’t be fooled, he also loves a good sing-song – he’s no Paul McCartney but we don’t care, his happy, positive attitude means he’s a pleasure to be around (just don’t sing too loud in the office please James).



Mike emigrated from Essex, England in 2017 with a fabulous wealth of paper and envelope knowledge.

His previous work experience includes time with the UK paper merchant Wiggins Teape as well as operating envelope machinery (see why we loved him?). He wasn’t popular with his poor wife when he had to cut their honeymoon short to go to America for envelope manufacture training!

Since being in Perth his work has been of a maintenance nature, both at a school and holiday resort.

In a nutshell he offers a perfect combo of technical knowledge and ‘hands-on’ work attitude – he won’t just floss over a problem, he’ll get it sorted for the long-term.

Outside of work, he’s kept busy with his wife, 3 boys (2 human, 1 canine – Henry the chocolate lab) and loves some time out fishing and kayaking on the weekends.

Being a true Brit, he adores his football (soccer) and takes his passion to the next level by running his own soccer club – now that’s passionate!!



Julia (pronounced Whoooolia – we love saying that, poor Julia!) is from the beautiful region of Patagonia, in Argentina. Having moved to Buenos Aires to study Graphic Design, she then worked and travelled through Europe before arriving in Australia in 2018.

In her time in Australia she’s travelled and worked in various professions, including graphic design (of course), cleaning and wait for it….even a camelier! In case you don’t know, that’s someone who leads a camel across the beach at sunset in Broome – tough job Julia but someone’s gotta do it!

We’re so keen to keep Julia that we’ve sponsored her. As well as her prolific artistic output as our in-house Graphic Designer, she’s now learning how to letterpress, foil and emboss as designing for these vintage processes is specialised and a skill all on its own! Nothing phases our Julia though and her beautiful little head can wear multiple hats – multi talented, hard-working Whoooolia is a keeper!

Rachael Tommy



Rachael is quiet as a little mouse and moves around the Printery with grace and efficiency – whatever the opposite of bull in a china shop is – that’s her!

She achieved a double honours degree from Curtin Uni in Graphic Design and Product Design and went on to gain invaluable industry and customer service experience with Snap Printing. Her role there covered graphic design, production and customer service all of which lend her to fitting smoothly into the Peterkin Printery Team.

She is the envy of the Peterkin kitchen as her partner’s parents own an Asian restaurant – Rachael’s leftovers are the best leftovers in the whole of leftover world and leave the rest of us drooling.

Her passions outside of work are very Japanese!! Rachael is a talented artist and spends her downtime creating fabulous animé sketches which she sells at EXPOs as well as dreaming of her next trip to Japan.



Tommy has a motto that fits perfectly with Peterkin, which is “Everything can be solved with humour or hard work”. So true Tommy!

Having chatted with him to find out more, we also discover that he has 4 big sisters, which explains why he’s so happy to come to work every day! With 10 years experience in the print industry, he adapts quickly to all the skills that we require from our Printery team and he’s a fast learner too. Tommy’s hobbies include drawing and digital art (pop/street style), gaming and anything sport.

On a serious note his courageous parents fled the Vietnam War with their first born, settled in Australia and had four more children. He tells us he’s a ‘dream chaser’. Let’s hope his dream is to be with the Peterkin family for years and years.



Laura working with Peterkin was simply meant to be! With her degree in Graphic Design, she wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do and tested a few career paths including being a dental assistant…..we’re hoping the luxury papers in our warehouse smell a whole lot sweeter than the inside of gummy old mouths!

Laura’s parents are from Romania and she has fond memories of visiting twice when she was smaller…..memories that include climbing a mountain, getting lost in a swamp, building a hay bale fort, driving a horse-drawn carriage and losing a pair of shoes in cow dung…... visiting Dracula’s castle is still on the bucket list!

Like most of our team, her passion is anything creative and in her spare time she loves chilling out watching craft and science videos on YouTube as well as drawing, adding to her Funko Pops collection and mooching around Op Shops and second hand markets.



Of all the long-serving Peterkin Peeps, Perth born and bred Sandra stands out from the crowd having clocked up an impressive 30 years working with paper! Her finishing and handwork knowledge are literally second to none out in the workshop.

Over the decades she’s nimbly completed a gazillion (we counted) folders, boxes and display stands, litho laminated (duplexed), folded, glued and packaged. Sandra says she loves working with her hands… and we think this is proof!

With her combo of experience and cheerful approach Sandra’s a firm favourite around here, and we always know where to find her… just follow the music! She’s a keen muso, loving her dance, 70s and 80s tunes while she works. She’ll be rocking while she clocks up even more years on the team!

Off duty, Capricorn Sandra loves nothing better than to use her hands… this time in the garden.



Dave – literally described his job role as ‘Dave’ because it seems that he can turn his mechanical-minded-mind to just about anything we’ll ever need. Dave can die cut, foil, emboss, glue, engineer, weld, guillotine AND clean our vintage presses ‘til they’re absolutely gleaming.

Growing up by the seaside in Christchurch NZ, Dave moved across the pond, met an Irish girl and after marrying spent 18 years on the west coast of Ireland in Co Mayo. Now he’s on a very different west coast in Western Australia (a lot less damp and green). His worldly travels also explain Dave’s rather wandering accent, there’s definitely an Irish lilt in there…

Dave’s a singing Sagittarian who’s fronted a few bands, loves his karaoke (Duet James?!), set up a radio station and been a DJ! Unsurprisingly for Peterkin he’s also an artistic type who likes to sketch and garden as well.

Dave’s got a teen boy and girl, plus six-year-old Floyd, who sounds like an absolutely manic crossbreed of a Jack Russell and a Border Collie – that would keep anyone on their toes!



South African Marcel emigrated to Perth from Durban with his wife and two boys in January 2023. He loves the change of pace and culture, but admits he misses the Tikka Chicken (sounds delicious!). But the Aussie steak is primo, which is his favourite food anyway.

Marcel’s brought even more international flavour and talent to Peterkin’s machine magicians. He strongly believes in loyalty and integrity, reflected in his previous position with a major packaging company for 25 years. He certainly knows his way around a glue line and is meticulous with his machines. He keeps them squeaky clean and we’re in love with his need for a neat and tidy workplace with everything in its place. He takes the utmost pride in the work coming off his machines and made sure our standards of quality were a good fit with his before accepting the position.

Outside of work Marcel loves to tinker with technology and enjoys gaming, reading, and watching movies to relax. Like many others at Peterkin, he’s got an ear for music (we’ll have to start a choir!) and loves the calming influence of contemporary gospel – it’s top of his genre list.


Obi Wan Kenobi "Obi" (now passed)


Obi's got a big dog bark, but is about the size of a beagle. His heritage is Blue Heeler and Jack Russell - A 'Jackie Blue Heeler in fact.

As you can see, only one ear goes up, but it certainly doesn't affect his hearing!

He's our doorbell and scares the beegezus out of anyone who comes to visit.

Obi's been a 'working dog' since he was a puppy. He does laps around the warehouse and tries out anyone for a game of tug-o-war.