Milkshake paper and card


Gloriously smooth as a creamy, ice cold milkshake on a hot summer day.. Milkshake is velvety smooth with not an ounce of high gloss in sight, yet coated just enough to be brilliant for DIY / Toner Reactive Foiling. (Visit our Help Centre Article for the low-down on DIY Foiling). Simple choice of Nero or Snowball.


Milkshake contains 50% recycled pulp.

Colours and Weights available

157gsm and 308gsm.

Milkshake Nero Card
Milkshake Snowball paper and card


157 / 308gsm


Milkshake is a dream to work with, whether you're printing offset, letterpress, digital or creating perfect, crisp creases in finishing. Excellent option for photos and solids.

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability:

157gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Blind Embossing & Offset.

308gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Letterpress, Blind Embossing & Offset. Can be duplexed to 616gsm after printing.

We cannot print in White Ink on Milkshake Nero.

Sheet sizes

A4 and SRA3 with parent sheets 788x1091mm available upon request.


No envelopes available. None of our existing shades in our uncoated envelope stocks match perfectly, but if you're printing photos or solids, pick out a coloured envelope to go with it!