Sucra Paper and card


With tiny speckles of sugarcane by-product (bagasse), this responsibly sourced virgin fibre not only looks earthy, the 120gsm performs like a boss through commercial and home digital printers and the 220gsm works through most. However, we recommend testing of heavier weights for all printers.


Responsibly sourced virgin fibre.

Weights available

120gsm and 220gsm.

Sucra paper and card



Antique surface with tiny speckles of sugarcane by-product (bagasse).

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

120gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Blind Embossing and Offset.

220gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Letterpress, Blind Embossing and Offset. Can be duplexed after printing to 440gsm.

Sheet sizes

A4, SRA3 and parent sheets 1091x788mm available upon request.

Iflap envelopes available

11b, 130x130mm, C6, 130x190mm, DL, 150x150mm and C5.