The Environment

Doing Our Bit for the Environment...

Eco Shipping Materials

We carefully choose the materials we use to ship your packages.

Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled post consumer waste paper, but are great quality - please re-use them.

We use 100% recycled newspaper our staff, families and even neighbours save and regularly supply. We never run out! (Our customers often comment on the WA local news).

We strive to reduce the amount of material (boxes and newspaper) we use in each order, but at the same time make sure your paper and envelope order will arrive in perfect condition.

The off-cuts that are simply too small for giving back are sent for recycling.

We have a general philosophy of re-use, re-purpose and recycle throughout our every day lives, (which sometimes leads to storage issues when waiting to re-purpose). You'll often find Graham's dad Pete pulling something apart to make something useful we need around the place.

Green Paper Choices

Paper is a natural, renewable and recyclable product which ensures its sustainability.

We at Peterkin Paper ensure our paper comes from reputable mills who's aim is for the longevity of the paper industry and manufacture with clean, efficient and responsible technologies and ethical values.

Our recycled and Eco product range include products made from wind power, pulp from sustainably managed plantations and forests, and recycled papers of various percentages. To know more about our sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly range click here.

View the individual characteristics of each paper and even search by its eco values using our extensive search facility on this site.