Versa Vellum

Versa Vellum card and paper

Versa Vellum

Milled in the USA, Versa Vellum is a less textured option to the Versa Felt. With a natural yet toothy surface, uncoated Versa Vellum is reminiscent of soft velvet. Made from responsibly sourced virgin pulp, itís suitable for most print processes.


Milled in U.S.A. with 100% renewable green electricity

Colours and Weights available

104gsm and 297gsm

Versa Vellum Brilliant White paper and card
Versa Vellum Natural paper and card

Brilliant White



Natural and uncoated, a great stock for most print processes.

Peterkin Printery suitability/availability

104gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Blind Embossing & Offset.

297gsm: CMYK Digital, Foil Press, Letterpress, Blind Embossing & Offset. Can be duplexed to 594gsm after printing.

Sheet sizes

A4 and SRA3 with parent sheets 660x1016mm available upon request.

Euro-flap envelopes available


Iflap envelopes available

130x190mm, 150x150mm and C6.